More than just a game, football brings everybody together regardless of their background, religion, gender or status. At Mountain View Province (MVP), we believe in the unity of our students and their academic progress.

In keeping to this, football which is believe to be a unifying factor that brings all races, religions, tribes, and gender together, was selected among all other sports at Mountain View Province (MVP) to mark our yearly activities.

An Inter-Apartment Five-Aside Football Tournament was initiated by our great MVP hostelites led by Salman Garba and fully supported by the Management. It was a night of bliss and merry where Mountain View Province Phase 1 and Mountain View Province Phase 2 hostelites dined and socialized.

The tournament which comprises of all our apartments (Arsenal, Chelsea, Barcelona, Liverpool and Manchester) commenced on Tuesday, December 15th 2020. There was round robbing among all the apartments with a grand finale between Barcelona Apartment and Chelsea Apartment on Thursday, December 17th 2020.

Mountain View Province (MVP) female students from Queen Amina Apartment, Dora Akunyili Apartment and Hillary Clinton Apartment were on ground to cheer and give their moral support.

At the end of the fun-filled evening, everybody stood up for the champion, CHELSEA APARTMENT who lifted the trophy.

The Winner

It is true that Chelsea Apartment won the tournament and lifted the trophy, but at Mountain View Province, every student is the Most Valued Player (MVP).

Photos of the grand finale

Video of the grand finale

Interview with Mountain View Hostelites on the Match.
1st Half
2nd Half
… and there was enough to eat and drink.