When looking for off-campus accommodation as a student, there are a lot of things to consider before paying for any student hostel. This post will guide you through things you should look out for when securing student accommodation.

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These tips will be categorized under subheadings and with this, it will help you identify what you should look for in getting accommodation off-campus.


Security should be the first thing to look into when securing off-campus accommodation in Abuja or anywhere in the world. With excellent protection of life and property, you will be at peace to learn and achieve the desired academic excellence while staying off-campus.

Serene Enviroment

A serene and conducive environment with the right ambience is a key factor to be considered. An off-campus hostel should be conducive for reading, resting and relaxing.

Serene Environment

Nearness to School

Nearest to school may be of an advantage, suffice to say that the closest off-campus hostel does not necessarily guaranty conducive learning environment, comfort and the right ambience. In considering off-campus student accommodation/hostel, there should be a striking balance between reasonable distance and conducive learning environment. A good off-campus hostel should be motorable and should be about 20mins drive to campus.

15 to 20 minutes drive to school

Internet Services

Student research requires a lot of Internet usage. Good accommodation for University students should be with excellent internet services.

Spacious/Conducive Room

Why will you stay in a cage? This should be the question to ask when looking for off-campus housing. Students need some space for keeping their belongings and also for some other reasons. Therefore, good student housing should have a spacious room for their students and also accommodating enough to feel at home while in school.

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